The New Vintage Walnut Open Air Photo Kiosk

Jul 7, 2017

Are you having a themed speakeasy party, how about a Gatsby theme, or a lovely vintage rustic themed wedding? Then, take a look at this rare and one of a kind Vintage Photo Booth for the open air hand made by Forever Xpressions! Are you uninspired by the same old boxy metal photo booths that belong in malls? We are too, so we decided to build something no one would be able to copy. It was designed in AutoCAD and machined to exact specifications on a CNC Milling macine, carefully built by hand, and clear coated by yours truly!

The Vintage Photo Booth is of an open air design and takes beautiful photos thanks to the beauty dish lighting from above. It also uses a real Canon DSLR Camera with a superfast high quality lens to take sharp colorful photos. We have 4 metallic backgrounds to choose from. We have a Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Rose Pink Sequins. From the very beginning of this design I had fallen in love with the look of warm walnut combined with the glistening gold backdrop. This model is still my favorite model for appearance and best photo output. Since it is made out of wood and sits atop a wooden tripod I do have to take extra special care to make sure guests don’t bump into it.

The warm look of our Walnut Columns with our shiny Metallic Gold Sequins really makes my heart melt! Some venues like The Bella Collina, Casa Feliz, or The Luxmore Grande Estate are remarkably well matched for such a vintage themed photo booth. If you’re decorating an open concept venue like The Big Red Barn or The Highland Manor venue then this would be the ultimate decision for a matching photo booth addition.

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