Our Process

Pick your prop

We bring tons of fun props to our events so you can make your photos as silly as you’d like. Pick a prop (fake mustache, sombrero, ridiculously large sunglasses) and start planning your poses!

Step inside

Once you’ve got your poses all planned out, step inside one of our spacious, decorative photo booths. Our photo booth attendants will help you find the camera so you won’t get any awkward pictures (by accident anyway.)

Say “Cheeeeeese!

When you’re ready for your paparazzi moment, just push the button and get ready for your pose! You’ll get a 5 second countdown to warn you when the flash is coming so that everyone can get into their positions. You have four photos to take, and you’ll get a preview after each one so you can see your handy work.

Get your photo strip

Wanna know something awesome? Our photo strips print in 8 seconds! So, you can get your photos faster than you can say “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.” That means you can spend less time waiting and more time showing off your pearly whites. But before you go–don’t forget to give us back our props! We know they’re super cool, but sheesh.

Take it or scrapbook-it!

Your photo strip is yours to do whatever you wish with! Hang it on your fridge, send it to your mom, or put it into your event’s scrapbook for your host to enjoy later. We even bring along gel pens and stickers and other fun decorations so you can personalize your page.