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FX Signature Photo Kiosk

FX Signature Photo Kiosk

This model of photo booth is our most popular and least expensive model from the group. It is the only model with a vertical screen interface. The vertical screen can be used in creative a creative fashion with custom interface graphics. This model is normally equipped with a real Canon DSLR camera and real flash system, it can also use the Canon M50 mirrorless camera to record videos, GIF, and continuous light photos. For the standard setup, it will take color or black and white photos, prints 2 photo strips per session, and allows the guests to enter their cell phone number to receive a text message of the photo strips. The FX Signature is compatabile with our sequins backdrops, custom print and fitted backdrops, and can also be programmed for use with a Chroma-Key Green Screen. 

The FX Signature Photo Kiosk is our personal favorite because of how versatile and simply it is to setup. Guests will love this model for it’s simple interface, great looking photos, and a clean simple look to blend in with your event decor. 

Gold Sequins Backdrop with confetti.

Ultra Social Booth

At 5×5, our booths are incredibly spacious and comfortable. This means more people in the booth, and even more opportunities for some crazy pictures!

Our new social media kiosk is an excellent way to add an instant social media component to your event. Guests can email, text mms, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram their photo right from the kiosk in seconds! We can also auto upload each photo to a designated private Facebook event page or twitter page to save guests time. Corporate clients absolutely love the social media feature to grow their company’s social awareness!

Fun props make the photo booth experience so much more fun! And everyone looks better with a handlebar mustache and a giant pair of sunglasses.

Our friendly photo booth attendants will make sure you know exactly how to use the booth by providing easy instructions.


Icon Open Air

Icon Open Air

Icon Open Air

The Icon Open Air was designed around a more powerful graphics computer. It uses a 27″ touch screen interface. The powerful computer and graphics engine were required because of the motion and vector graphics interface screens used in this model. All the other photo booths have no motion on their interface screens, but this model does and it’s used by our corporate clients for a tied in theme with their tradeshow exhibit or corporate activation. Big brand names require something unique and different, and this high powered photo booth model was designed to excel at that.

This model is capable of digital props, videos, GIF’s, flash or non-flash photos, digital picture signing, and custom interface motion graphics. It also has a built in speaker for sound effects and dialogue. We can even have a hidden comedian speak to the guest through our built in speaker and mixing board. Yes, similar to skits you may have seen on late night talk shows from Jay Leno or Dave Letterman.

This particular model is usually reserved for our commercial clients, but it can be used as a normal photo booth for parties and weddings too. It can be vinyl wrapped with graphics for weddings and corporate events, we can either provide print specs, or we can draw up design requests for you.

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Vintage Walnut Photo Kiosk

Are you having a themed speakeasy party, how about Gatsby themed, or a lovely vintage rustic themed wedding? Then, take a look at this rare and one of a kind vintage walnut open air photo kiosk hand made by Forever Xpressions! Are you uninspired by the same old boxy metal photo booths that belong in malls? We are too, so we decided to build something no one would be able to copy.

The Vintage Walnut Photo Kiosk was designed in AutoCAD and machined to exact specifications with a CNC mill, carefully built by hand, and clear coated by yours truly!

The Vintage Walnut Photo Kiosk takes beautiful photos thanks to the beauty dish lighting, and the use of a real DSLR camera.

We have 4 metallic sequins backgrounds to choose from, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, and Rose Pink. The warm look of our walnut columns with our shiny metallic gold sequins really makes my heart melt!

Some venues like Bella Collina or Casa Feliz are remarkably well matched for such a vintage themed photo booth. If you’re decorating an open concept space like a barn themed venue then this would be the ultimate decision for a photo booth addition.


Gold Sequins from Vintage Walnut Booth


Open Air Photo Kiosk

Fast print times are our specialty. You can get your prints in as little as 8 seconds! That means more time in the booth taking more of those beautiful pictures. 

High quality prints are our other specialty! We print with the fastest Mitsubishi printers in the industry! The prints are water resistant, do not fade, and do not smudge.

Custom items are your chance to personalize your photo booth for your event. You can customize things like curtain color, backdrops, and more! Start by looking at our packages, or create your own package.

Online event photo gallery access allows you to find a print, order more, or download for free. In the event that you lose your print because you had a little bit too much fun at the party, or just so you can see all of the funny faces your friends made that night, the gallery will save the fun for later!



The Inflatable Photo Booth.

The Inflatable Photo Booth is a fun spin on the enclosed photo booth concept. It has color changing LED bulbs in the interior walls that can be customized to match your event theme colors. If no specific color is chosen, they will randomly change colors. The Inflatable Photo Booth dimensions are 8′ x 8′ x 8′. We pair this enclosure with the FX Signature or the Icon Open Air photo kiosk. It will normally come down to which model is available when we make the decision. Both models feature a touch screen interface.



The Standard Photo Booth

It is the old tried and true model. This model uses real buttons, a real camera, and a real flash. It doesn’t bother to send text messages, mostly because it’s not a touch screen model. This model is somewhat unique in how it operates compared to our newer more modern models. The Standard Photo Booth was designed on an older type of software that is very robust and straight forward. Not too many bells and whistles in it, but it does do something none of the other booths can do. It can capture a hilarious moment because it has a slight timing delay when it takes a photo. It is about 1 full second off from the countdown, but that’s all it needs to capture guests in their most awkward of moments. When they see the captured image on screen, that is when the laughter erupts, in some cases, so loud it will fill the room with attention.

We started our company with the Standard Model in 2009 and we think this loud hilarious laughter is what attracted so many people to our wedding show booth. The rest is history!

The Standard Booth, takes 3 or 4 photos in a sequence and simply prints 2 identical photo strips and that’s it! The prints are usually done and waiting by the time guests have exited the booth.     

Our photo booths add a pop of flair to every special occasion. Your party guests will love trying on wacky props and huddling together in our spacious booths to capture the best, high quality shots. And you can’t forget about the laughs they’ll enjoy once they see the finished product!

There are so many ways to customize your photo booth experience to make it the perfect fit for your next event. Be sure to check out our photo booth packages so you can select the perfect one for you, or even create your own.