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Your wedding day is special, and your entertainment should be too. Adding a photo booth to your reception is a unique way to remember the big day.


Corporate events don’t have to be a drag. Our photo booths fit perfectly into any corporate event and are a fun way to market your brand.


Photo booths are the perfect addition to any celebration. Mix fun props into the equation and suddenly you have some serious party entertainment.



SWEET 16’s

Having a clown at your sweet sixteen party isn’t cool. A photo booth will add the perfect combination of fun and elegance to any sweet sixteen party.


Students can strike a pose with their BFF’s to commemorate their last glorious days of high school. There’s no better way to remember the begining of this new chapter of life.


Nowadays if your Quince doesn’t have a photo booth, then you didn’t celebrate right. We are ALWAYS a huge hit at EVERY Quince we have ever been to.

Premium Photo Booth Rental in Orlando


At Orlando Photo Booths, we aim to provide every one of our clients with an amazing experience and photo booth rental service. We offer custom solutions as we understand that each event is unique. Whether you are planning a birthday party, wedding, prom, corporate event, or any occasion that requires a celebration, we have the only photo booth in Orlando that you will need.

With our Orlando photo booths, we can help make your event more enjoyable, fun, and memorable for you and your guests. More importantly, we will work closely with you to ensure a seamless experience from the moment we arrive until the day is over. Through the entire process, we will provide you with high-quality photos, instant prints, and great service. Guaranteed, you can trust us to help make your party the next talk of the town. Hiring entertainment doesn’t need to cost you a fortune, our cheap photo booth rental Orlando options ensure that everyone can join in on the fun without breaking the bank.

Here are the events we cater to:


Your wedding day is special. Thus, your entertainment should be too! Adding our photo booth rental wedding at your reception is a unique way to remember your big day. 

Corporate Events

Corporate events don’t have to be a drag. To make sure that yours is not, add our corporate photo booth rental. It will perfectly fit into your event, but more importantly, it’s a fun way to market your brand.

Sweet 16’s

Want to make your sweet sixteenth birthday cool? Our photo booth adds the perfect combination of fun and elegance to any party. 


Let students commemorate their last glorious days in high school and strike a pose with their closest friends with our photo booth. There’s no better way to remember such a special night than with beautiful photos that they can keep forever. 


If your Quince doesn’t have a photo booth, then you’re not celebrating it right. Our photo booths have always been huge hits at every Quince we’ve been hired to do. 


Our photo booths are perfect for every party and celebration. With us, you can guarantee your guests some serious party entertainment!



Photobooths and celebrations equal some crazy good times! Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the hundreds of events we’ve been to.


Are you looking to make your event more special? Orlando Photo Booth is your best choice. We specialize in providing fun, stylish, and affordable photo booths that are guaranteed to make your event look and feel more special. Here are the available options that you can choose from when sourcing your next photo booth rental orlando fl:

Standard Photo Booth

Are you looking for a simple photo booth where your guests can go in, have fun, and receive instant high-quality prints? Our standard photo booth is what you need. It can add a touch of flair to your event and make it more memorable for your guests. More importantly, you can customize it in many ways to fit your event’s theme. 

Ultra Social Photo Booth in White

Need a photo booth that can take beautiful photos and put them on the internet in realtime? This is the booth for you. Our Ultra Social Photo Booth allows you to automatically upload each photo to your Facebook event or Twitter page. Thus, saving your guests time on uploading it on their own!

What’s more, this booth’s social media feature allows you to grow your company’s social awareness. Thus, making it perfect for corporate events.

Vintage Walnut Photo Kiosk

Are you throwing a Gatsby themed party? Or maybe a lovely rustic themed wedding? Well, here’s the photo booth for you. Our unique vintage walnut open-air photo kiosk is charming and it can make as a great decoration piece for your event. 

Open Air Photo Kiosk

If you think enclosed kiosks are too limiting, then an open-air photo booth is perfect for you. You can customize the backdrop and have more people in the photo. Thus, making the experience more fun!

Inflatable Photo Booth

This type of photo booth gives a fun spin to your standard enclosed photo booths. It has color-changing LED bulbs that you can customize to match your theme. 

Each of our photo booths is incredibly spacious and comfortable. So there are more opportunities for crazier pictures! Interested in any of these? Give us a call today!

What to Expect from Orlando Photo Booth

A photo booth should be a party element that compliments your decorations and venue. It should add style, class, and reflect your personality. However, it shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb. And here at Orlando Photo Booth, we perfectly understand that. Our photo booths will blend in your party, making it more memorable and fun for you and your guests. 

Furthermore, we know what it takes to take great pictures. As photographers, we have a deep understanding of lighting, ICC printer profiles, flash, color profiles, and camera settings. So you can trust us to provide you with quality prints throughout your special day. 

More importantly, we will cater to your needs. We offer different price points to match any type of event, be it a small one or a large gathering. We can tailor our services and products to your needs and event. So what are you waiting for? Have our seasoned team at your next party and take your celebration to the next level.

Call us and give us a shot! Pun intended. Book our photo booth rental Orlando today!

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