The Scrapbook is a wonderful keepsake of all the fun from the night. Guests place their photo strip into the Scrapbook and write a well wish to the guests of honor. The scrapbook is very popular at weddings and is highly recommended. You can choose from fine leather scrapbooks or cloth models, a minimum of 20 pages or maxium of 50 pages. We supply the scrapbook, metallic pens, double sided tape, and we direct the guests on what to do. When the scrapbook option is added, we print an additioanl photo strip for the Scrapbook. Pricing from $25 – $100. 

All of our photo booth models automatically print 2 photo strips per session. If there are more than 2 persons in a group requesting a photo strip, they would have to restart a new session or rely on the digital text message. We can also add unlimited photo strips per session so every person in the photo receives a photo strip. To add unlimited photo strips to your rental an additional fee of $50 will be added. 

All models include various fun props. We have glasses, soft and hard hats, inflatable instruments, PVC signs, hand held props, and various other items. We do not use feather boas anymore. We can restrict the use of some props or no props at all and at your descretion. If we do bring props, we include Lysol sanitation before the event, and will now provide hand sanitizer during the event. If state or federal law prohibits the use of props, we will discontinue use until we are allowed. 

The custom graphic is either designed by us using your elements or chosen from our catalog options of graphics. We will design the graphic 30 days prior to your event or when the final payment is made. All rentals include a custom graphic, but extra complicated graphics may incur an additional fee. We can send you a PDF catalog of all the templates we have so far. 

Social Media Integration is made possible with an iPad Kiosk next to the photo booth model. With Social Media Integration, we give the guests direct access to post their photos to Facebook, Twitter, Email, Text msg, and sometimes Instagram. Please contact us to learn more about the Social Media Kiosk. We bring our own Wi-Fi hotspot and we need good wireless access to internet.  

Every model includes free setup and removal. We normally setup 2 hours prior to start time. We can setup earlier if needed, for $25 more per hour. Every attendant has been trained to be a fun interactive attendant with your guests. They will always act professionaly, be appropriatly dressed, and are well skilled in handling any printer or software issues.